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Become ALLFA partner

ALLFA is a privately owned Czech brand, founded in 2014. Allfa company aims to increase the joy and experience of aquascaping and platend aquriums in general. The company develops, produces and sells fertilizers, substrates and other aqurium additives for all kinds of freshwater aquaria. 

All our fertilizers and substrates can be seen in Czech version of our e-shop


Allfa fertilizers

We offer different types of fertilizers including Macronutrients and Micronutrients for easy and intuitive dosing for both low-tech and high-tech aquariums. For advanced aquascapers we offer also nutrients in separated product as phosphorus, nitrogen, magnesium and potassium. 

Allfa additives

Allfa produces also other products for easy maintanance as Allfa Chelaton+ which reduces concentration of chlorine and heavy toxic metals in tap water and Allfa CO2 Premium which is a source of bioavailable organic carbon (usually used also for inhibition of different types of algae).

Allfa substrates

Allfa brighs to the market different types of substrates designed for providing nutrients to the roots of aquatic plants and promoting growth of substrate bacteria. Porous volcanic stones secure the water circulation, and organic nutrients promote the growths of bacteria and plants.

Allfa StartKomplex is a substrate additive, containing enormous amount of substrate bacteria, enzymes, iron and humic acids for rapid and safe start of aquarium environment.

Allfa BIO-M is biological filter medium suitable for biological filtration


Cooperate with us

We are looking for partners, shops and distributors all over the world to cooperate with our brand. We are ready to translate product labels and product information to different national languages for full understaning of our products. We are also ready to support local national aquascapers / ambasadors for faster implementation of Allfa product in your country. If you have questions about potential cooperation and wholesale product information and prices, do not hesitate to contatc us using following email adress: info(at)allfa.cz